I Too Am A Fit Bottomed Girl

And… hoist! “One leg in. The other leg in, yes! Will it get over my belly, I don’t know”, I uttered out loud as I attempted to grab any available fabric and heave my workout pants over my newly expanding spare tire. I was in a rush to dress before the deliveryman arrived and my favorite TV shows started… the couch was awaitin’! Tearing the bag open was accompanied by excitement and pity as I ogled over the 3-sauce udon noodles and deep-fried Portobello mushroom. My trainer will work me hard during Pilates this week, I murmured…

The following day my parents came to visit. After precisely 20 minutes, my dad said, without any hesitation whatsoever, “You need to lose upwards of 30 pounds”. After a 2-hour crying session alone with my Doritos, I let his words marinate and ingested the notion that while my eating habits were quite abhorrent and must be changed immediately, my current workout routine was not working for my particular body type either… I opened my laptop and immediately began my search.

And… glide! My pants slid right over my belly this time! It’s been a few months now of trial and error with workouts and new eating habits: I fired my trainer, I ditched the more slow-paced workouts, for they were proving ineffective in helping me reach my particular goals. I adapted an entirely new attitude I like to call patience and finding my individual method and eventually, I hit the nail on the head: a naturally athletic build and a Type A blood type like mine functioned best with high intensity cardio and a low-carb diet to rid myself of that extra weight and get me on my path to having the body I so desired…

And… hoist! My running pants were now getting big enough on me that I even had to yank them up during my daily run. It had been around a year now of proper training and eating, and I had to actively ignore the glances of admiration I was beginning to get on the running path and at the gym. Wow, I thought…. Did I do it? Was I a fit bottomed girl?

Hardships usually end in lessons and mine was quite clear: the life we desire can be fully designed if we have the power and the patience and the gumption to ‘Just Do It’ (pun intended). This year-long period of time helped birth my life’s and company’s motto: not one diet plan or type of workout is universal; it is critical to find what works for us as individuals, and what works alongside our body types, talents, abilities, personalities and so much more.

***This post was custom created for the website, Fit Bottomed Girls. It is scheduled for feature on their site, February 2017.


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  1. Love this post, and your post on fitbottomedgirls blog! xx
    Izzy |https://pinchofdelight.wordpress.com


    1. Thank you dearly! Feel free to promote this on Instagram or other pics/posts if you want as many great stories and collaborations are on their way! I will check you out later today and in the meanwhile, have a beautiful weekend!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Thank you – have a lovely day. x


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