No Soap Radio

Remember the “no soap radio” joke from the mid-90’s? The popular kids and the mean kids, and eventually, all the other kids, would walk around telling this joke, only to embarrass those who did not understand it, or to “call out” those who feigned understanding, saying “Ha! I got it!” By the by, there was no clear punch line or actual point to the joke, the joke’s point was merely to get people to catch on, copy, and walk around laughing, creating a world filled with “sameness”. Getting down to the meat and potatoes, I tend to liken our individual fashion senses to the horrendous era of time where this “joke” was spreading like wildfire; finding which style works for your body and personality is as simple as being that one girl (me) who said “the joke has no point, and I am not going to pretend to laugh because everyone else is”. Individuality has to be earned.

The art of throwing too many items into your shopping cart in a store, or adding various and sundry pieces to your favorites tab on a shopping site can be described as a generally guttural reaction: I like that, I want that, I’ll take that. Upon first glance, the gold change purse on your favorites tab on ASOS may seem like a great purchase, the bright colors and shininess of it are attractive, yes, but before you click “buy” or haul it up to the cashier for purchase, you must ask yourself, “will I wear it?” or “ does it does work with my style or aesthetic, and will it even flatter my body type?” These questions, while seemingly basic, are great first steps in helping people who want to truly hone in on the craft that is defining and finding their individual fashion senses. These simple questions can serve as great foundations to assist in finding the genre or the look that highlight people’s personalities and of course, capture the best of their bodies.

I have listed a few basic points to help get people started on their journey to finding and creating the particular and individualistic fashion style that is wholeheartedly them- in both and spirit and body.

Color and Designs and Styles, Oh My: Does a particular item make you feel so happy that you can’t wait to rip off the tags and wear it for three days in-a-row? Then it’s you! Don’t overthink it. If you are deliberating in the dressing room or on the website about what to pair it with, or if you think you may come home at the end of the work day and “hate” how you looked all day, then the item isn’t worth it. More items will come along that are more you in the end.

Cut-out knee black pants- was searching for a pair of super sleek ones!
Silver pants- grabbed and ran. Flattering fit for my body and great color- super chic!

I’m In Love With The Shape Of You: The incredibleness that is bell sleeves may be particularly flattering, luckily so, on most women today. As well, metallic mini skirts are also all the rage. If your particular body type leans to one side of the scale (top heavy vs. bottom heavy, middle mass vs. upper back weight gain) then the mini skirt may not work for you, nor will the tight shirt with bell sleeves. Try and find the right mix of something that is your style and your body culminated into one: many websites have been recently released housing very on-trend items in variety of shapes and sizes and prices, catering to each and every one of us, finally!

A-line cut and great fit on the back and waist
Long, chic and very flattering!

A Hippie and A Mom Walked Into a Bar: Despite being cluttered with clutter and surrounded by sound, technology has proven great for helping individuals find exactly they want, in any realm. A subscriber recently came to me and explained that while she feels she hasn’t honed in on her personal style yet, she describes herself as more free-spirited and conservative at the same time. I automatically likened this to looser ankle pants and hippie chic tops. There are a smattering of vintage stores and websites alike that provide such items- mom jeans, 60’s summer dresses with high necks, and the list goes on and on… there are many styles to choose from and anyone is bound to find, or even create, what works.

My style is chic and edge: this embodies
Vintage blouse that is SO my style… usually never vintage.

Buyers Remorse: Don’t buy just to buy. I am VERY guilty of this act. Let me rephrase- please incorporate the above points- body, mind, and style when buying items that you may or may not need. If you think that you will truly wear the piece, and it works with your style (if you are in a style evolution, then does the piece truly make you jump with excitement) and body type, then go for it, and enjoy! Just remember, it may be a hassle to sell unworn or unused stuff on Facebook groups when you realized the piece wasn’t for you…

Chic blouse with lace cutouts will forever be in style…
Blazer with some edge- will always have it.
Dusty Rose velvet mini dress. No buyers remorse on this one!









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