…into the ‘toss pile’

When I find myself in times of trouble, Mother Mary comes to me… and tells me to fold my clothing. From the time my hand-eye coordination was developed enough to do so, I’ve derived massive amounts of pleasure from folding my sweaters, organizing the hanging items in my closet, and ridding my closet of items that felt like the “old me”. We as humans have passions buried within passions; while online shopping is certainly a passion, even times an obsession, cleaning out my closet is definitely a pastime buried within the “fashion” aspect of my life. The hardest part of this cleanse, or rebirth, is staying true to my personal style or personality when ridding of my old items, trying to diminish my life, and deciding what will be “on trend” in the next few months, or even years…

Each and every one of us (hopefully) can describe our personal styles with some descriptive words. In just a few words, mine would be: chic, tailored, off-the-beaten-path. I am routinely on a conquest for new websites and brands; those that help me stay in keeping with me, and my sense of style, all without labels and recipes, and all with the Becca brand imprinted. And, I am always mindful that what we wear sells our story before we have the chance to, so honesty is always the best policy.

I recently sat down on the floor of my closet, and pictured what my life will be in the next 6 months, and, thus, what I want to be wearing when this new part of my life takes form and shapes itself: I see a powerful businesswoman, a classic, classy wife, and a trendy 30-year-old; the styles and dress-codes of each aligning with the aforementioned descriptions listed above. I began to toss any remains of crop-tops or too-short dresses into a “toss” pile, as they deemed themselves outdated, somewhat part of a past life. I compartmentalized categories: work, transition pieces, casual pieces, date-night pieces, and more, and in doing so, I felt like I had a true grasp on myself, my future, my style, and how to combine them all under one umbrella, an unwavering, solidified one: Becca.

In the spirit of the New Year, and as we all ‘fashion’ ourselves into newer, more improved versions, I thought it best to list some tips when cleansing and organizing what will eventually be our lives. These tips will assist us in evolving our styles, while staying true to who we are, without any pre-determined recipes or labels, with the brand that is our own individuality behind everything we do:

  1. Truncate: organize your life into categories with your personal descriptive style words as the backbones of the decision-making process. This way, when debating if to place an item into the “toss” pile, you can decide if the style aligns with the descriptions and/or will work for that particular category. In my case, if the piece is not chic, tailored, or “weird-ish”- whether for day, or night, or business, it’s time to GO!
  1. Out with the old: there’s a psychological condition where people lock themselves-in, style-wise, to the part of their life with the best memories, or when they felt their personal best. As we are a work in progress, and we slowly evolve more and more into who we are as individuals, evolving with the times and with our more solidified descriptions and personalities is CRUCIAL. So, refresh, refresh, refresh… update, update, update!
  1. Don’t go changing, to try and please me: always remember ALWR’s motto: not one “thing” is universal. Stay true to your body type, your personality and your budget when dressing, or when deciding what to hang onto; if it doesn’t truly feel like you, and only you, as an individual, then it’s not worth keeping…
  1. Fear: another four-letter F word. Part of finding or creating the best versions of yourself means abandoning all traces of fear. If your fashion-based descriptive words are creepy, creative and colorful, then OWN THEM! Don’t be fearful of what others will think, for there is one you and no one will EVER replace the you that you’ve built and the you that will continue to improve.
  1. Be mindful: hot or not. The last few years have seen an evolution from hipster chic to 70’s revamp and even to sexy street-wear. A big proponent of the idea that styles come in-and-out, try and hang onto some of the pieces that can be refurbished when a new style comes in: the velvet bellbottoms may fade out, but the striped shirt you paired them with may just work well under a fur vest… And if none of these items align with your personality or body types in-the-now and in-the-future, then SET IT AND FORGET IT!

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