Authenticity Is Authentricky


We throw around the word “rare” or “unique” like we do “cool” or “amazing”. The truth is, the more we make a habit out of using these terms, the less value they hold; we must earn their worth. I never wanted to end up in shackles behind the bars of commonality, and thus, I fully ‘own and operate’ as me- unique, different, 100% Becca. The truth is (and with all the humility in the world) I’ve never met anyone else like me. Full (and personal) disclosure: being different or rare as individuals may often times be accompanied by trials and tribulations, in addition to the honor and praise it brings from many.

Dean Martin was a very powerful and influential artist, but, in my opinion, he rode the coattails of Frank Sinatra- musically, physically and in personality, making it virtually impossible to grow, blossom and succeed into his own entity. On that same note, there are a smattering of fashion bloggers who beautifully don their beach looks and their evening looks on their social pages or websites; they do so with style, grace and coolness- all integral components to their successes. But, to me, one particular blogger stands out: Danielle of WeWoreWhat. Despite her style being completely different than mine, every piece she wears, every item she designs, and every collaboration she gets involved with are so stamped with her personality and style, that you can pick her needle out of any haystack. And, it is particularly this distinctiveness that made her such a market favorite, leaving such a powerful impact on women across the world.

I have to be candid, though—there were times when I was teased for the things I wore, the phrases I said, or how I chose to spend my free time. And, although bursting out of the shell of, “not giving a flying you know what”, I still have moments where I think to myself about things I shouldn’t have said, done, wore or cooked. The moments of being teased still, and may always, sting a bit, but I genuinely pride myself on the fact that no other person thinks, acts, or dresses like me.  I pride myself on my unique style of writing, my disjointed series of passions, and I pride myself on wanting all women to own themselves and eat, dress, train and live as authentically as they humanly can.

That being said, authenticity is tricky- hence, the title of this post. How do you know when you’ve “found yourself” or have found your “calling”? I think, as we are an evolution, a continuous work in progress, that the popular saying, “one small step for mankind”, is a great way to start, helping us break out of the molds that perhaps we as people, or society, has placed upon us. If we have gone to extremes to prove our individuality or uniqueness, then we better damn well earn this title and it genuinely must align with who we truly are at the core. If we walk in the shadows of our bosses or friends or family, it’s time we make a change in one aspect of our lives to be totally “us”- whether this be career, style, diet plan and more. Let this one change slowly blossom into a life of authenticity, however subdued or wacky it may be.







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