What does it mean to live ‘A Life Without Recipes’?

This is my first post, or better yet, my attempt at expressing, in so many and so little words, how I got to where I am: myself. I don’t brand myself as a food blogger or life-lesson advocate or therapist, but rather, a person who accepted that the shades of grey between life’s blocks of white and black are so much more beneficial than we can even understand or comprehend.

I can’t say, “it all started when…”, because we as humans are constantly shifting and changing in ideologies and interests and tastes; they say that only dead fish swim with the stream. Whenever people ask me how I thought of such a recipe, or why I want to create a field to work in that doesn’t have a title or is non-existent, or of course, for general advice, I often think of one example before answering: how I order food in a restaurant.

Last night, in fact, I sat in a trendy restaurant in the heart of Tel Aviv- my home- with my husband and my parents. When the waiter asked me what I desire, I ordered 2 appetizers as my main course- two dishes that seemingly do not pair well together. His response, “Interesting- I wouldn’t have chosen those together. Are you sure you don’t want to order a main dish instead?”  Now, of course, ordering a main dish off the menu would be the clear and obvious choice and would have followed the rules and constraints put forth by society. But, as I’ve always been one to go against the grain and my dinner order did not deviate from my notion of living a life without recipes, or rather, titles.

As my posts continue, and my ramblings widen and expand, I will detail life stories and personal experiences, as well as cooking or food-related ideologies that I continue to uphold. I hope to inspire all of humankind (dream big, people!) to be whomever and whatever they wish, and to leverage their drive and hone-in on their individual passions, and combine them to create a life of their choosing.







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